August 15, 2016

Having “Enough”

This year, something exhilarating happened.

I realized that when it comes to the things I’ve wanted in my life, I truly have enough.

I have enough money to supply the most basic of needs – warm food, a comfy bed, and a living space to store those things.

I have the ability to work.

I have my emotional needs met – love and companionship.

I have a stack of books and a guitar for when I get bored.

I have a friendly cat that sits in my lap while I work.

I have a feeling of independence.

I’ve found that there’s nothing more that I need to enjoy life at this stage.

But what about setting new goals? How do we move forward when we realize we have enough?

I may have enough “stuff”, but continued improvement will always be important. Our mission should be a forward march towards further self improvement, improvement of the lives of others, and the kindling of adventure at every turn. Once you have enough stuff, those improvements become much more attainable thanks to a lack of frivolous distractions.

At this very moment, do you have enough? If you look closely, you just might find that you actually have everything you need.

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