February 2, 2017

How to Make Time for Writing

Make time for nothing else. Avoid all other commitments. Notify your friends and family that you’ll be needing anywhere from thirty minutes to seven hours each day to finish a suitable piece of writing. Try not eating. Consider sleeping less. Accept that you will never again have time to maintain your current level of fitness. Before you go to sleep each night, place a pen and paper beside your bed, then head back to your desk to resume writing on your laptop like a modern human. If writing isn’t your day job, quit so you can focus on writing. If you must go out to a social engagement such as a funeral or a date, bring along your laptop so you can get your writing done. Speaking of funerals, don’t die. You won’t be able to write if you’re dead.

Okay, maybe don’t take that advice, but damn, writing is hard.

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