Over the past few years, I’ve been motivated and influenced most by the following blogs:

Mr. Money Mustache – Finances

This guy retired at 30 without winning the lottery or selling a company. He simply lived on less and saved more money throughout his 20s. He has a fascinating story, and a money philosophy that anyone can adopt in their own life.

Nerd Fitness – Health and Fitness

Not only does it speak to my undeniable geekiness, but it speaks of a straightforward approach to improving your fitness—start with small habits and focus on “leveling up” your life with attainable goals and challenges.

Art of Manliness – Lifestyle

The classic blog dedicated to reviving the lost art of honorable manhood. I’ve been an avid reader for several years now, and it’s inspired me to be a better husband, a better co-worker, a better leader, and a better steward to those around me.

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