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May 27, 2017

Earn It

You have to earn it
every day
or what you know
will become what you knew
and what you do
will become what you did.

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April 5, 2017

Diminishing Returns

Looking back at the past ten years,
spending nine of those years pining for the new model,
waiting eight hours in crowded lines
for seven major version releases,
needing bigger pockets for the six plus
and choosing between five colors,
spending four days’ pay to impress your peers
and three days’ pay on the monthly bill,
promising two years to a contract you don’t understand
and being one of the millions who Thought Different,
it might be time to realize
that an iPhone isn’t going to make you happy.

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March 2, 2017


comes to different conclusions
about different things
at different times
for different reasons
and you’re no different.

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February 14, 2017

Little Reasons She’s Perfect

She says words that
through any other mouth
sound like bad words
but through her mouth
they sound like words
that make me laugh.

Sometimes I wonder
what she’s thinking
when she looks out the window
when we’re driving
through the mountains
beside the ocean
on a clear afternoon,
so I ask her
and she says,
Diet Coke.

On Saturday mornings
if I’m sleeping in,
she tip-toes into the room
to grab some socks
but I’m already awake
and I act asleep so she won’t feel bad
because she tip-toes really loud,
but she tries to be quiet
because she loves me.

Yesterday we dreamed about
the perfect day
and hers started with tea
and ended with me.

When we travel
she likes to make lists
of things to do,
but I get grumpy when
there’s too much to do
so she stopped keeping lists
but tells me how great it would be
to do this thing
and that;
she heard about it on a list.

Sometimes I have bad days
so she puts her arm
around my shoulder
and kisses my cheek,
and whispers three magic words
that make it okay,
“Tacos and Baklava?”

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely wife.

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February 9, 2017

The Best Things In Life

The best things in life aren’t free, but they’re cheap.
The quiet thrill of a good book.
A long drive along a short beach.
A matinee ticket to a good movie.
It doesn’t take much to have everything you need.

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January 31, 2017

History remembers

History remembers…

those who disobeyed orders,
those who gave up everything to do what was right,
those who stood up when everyone else remained seated,
the rebels,
the outcasts,
the bold,
the minority.

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January 17, 2017


Stand up for something.

When you stand,
those that are seated
will see you for who you are.
You’ll see out
into the multitudes ahead of you
and you’ll discover
how large the crowd really is.

When you’re seated,
you can’t fall down
or rise to your full height.
Those around you will block your view.

So stand.

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He’s easy to spot.

People don’t ask him for advice, yet he dispenses it freely.

He has an answer for everything, yet questions nothing.

He’s keen on the failings of others, yet fails at identifying his own.

Rather than ask what you think, he clues you in to what you should think.

He values his ideas more than those who inspired them.

And he closes more doors than he opens.

Don’t be this man.

There’s beauty in not knowing the answers, and there’s honor in seeking them out.

Admit your mistakes, learn from them, and be open to ideas that challenge you.

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