Look at this picture.

Look at it.

That’s the view twenty minutes from our apartment, and it’s even more incredible in person. That cow has no freaking idea how good he has it.

Yet, even though it’s a great view, I’m ashamed to say that I felt like I had fully absorbed the grandeur after only about half an hour. As humans, we’re incredibly good at getting tired of things at an alarmingly fast rate.

Don’t be like me.

One of my most vivid memories from my teenage years was taking a hike through North Carolina up throughout Wesser Bald. Growing up in the south, I rarely saw so much as a green hill when it comes to majestic landscapes. I had no concept of how big the world around me really was.

As we hiked through the heavily wooded trail, we came to the famed Wesser Bald Fire Tower. Climbing up to the top gave me a view that stuck with me even to this day, and I attribute it to my aching wanderlust.

Green mountains blanketed by fog stretching far into the distance.

Through a quick Google search, this is the very best I could find that captures the view I saw. I won’t blame you if you’re not terribly impressed.

Impressed or not, it was my first taste of awe.

I’ve been continually chasing that feeling throughout my life, and that chase has served me well thus far. Without a desire to venture out, we risk missing out on some of life’s best experiences.

Take time to be in awe once in a while.

Take time to seek out those experiences that might scare the hell out of you.

You can’t absorb grandeur in thirty minutes.

Look for sights that might make you forget everything you think you know about the world around you.

Take time to seek out these things, and don’t stop searching.