What would You From Five Years Ago think of Present Day You? Let’s take a quick trip through time.

Close your eyes, and take a moment to put yourself where you were five years ago.

What were you doing?

What made you happy at that time?

Who did you love?

What were your most pressing concerns and goals?

Now, open your eyes, and come back to present day.

What would that person five years ago think of who you are at this very moment? Would they be excited seeing where you ended up? Would they be underwhelmed? Would they question your thinking? Would they marvel at your accomplishments?

Five years ago, I was working as an IT Support intern at an accounting firm. I was dating a lovely girl who was also my best friend. I had no money. I envisioned being in debt with student loans for the next 10+ years. I hated cats. I aspired to live in the same small Mississippi town forever and never leave. I hated programming, and never wanted to write another line of code after I finished my college courses. I was primarily concerned whether or not my internship would become a full time job that upcoming summer. I had no greater aspirations.

Then I come back to present day.

I’m writing this post from a cozy apartment in California. I share this apartment with that same lovely girl who’s now my wife and still my very best friend. We have a cat. It’s the best cat. We’re debt free. I work at an amazing software company where I’m a full time programmer. I saw Star Wars Episode VII on Hollywood Blvd on opening weekend. I spend my days wondering how I’d like to surprise myself five years from now.

Not happy with what you’re seeing? That’s okay. In doing this, you gained perspective. What can you learn from that version of you from all those years ago?

No matter what you discovered, here’s to the next five years. See you then.

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