When I was a kid, my mind was small. My world was small, and the problems I encountered, though they seemed so large, were small as well.

A tough day at school could resemble a terrible tragedy. Being the target of a bully felt like a life-long affliction. Failing a difficult assignment felt like a death sentence for my future.

As we grow older, many of us see the error in this way of thinking.

But some never grow out of this mindset.

Small minds might see their accomplishments as reasons to elevate themselves above those around them.

They might confine their values to those established in a small world by other small minded people.

They might see their problems as more important than the problems of others, and believe that the world should solve their problems for them.

They might grow fearful of the world around them, and plant their feet in the past, wishing for a time when things were simpler.

But when we set out to explore the world around us, our perspectives change. The world grows a great deal larger, and we realize that it’s full of people who have lived a lifetime of dramatically different experiences.

Those problems we were so consumed with suddenly don’t seem to large anymore.

When we gain this perspective, our minds grow large, our hearts grow large, and the world takes on a brand new excitement.

Don’t confine yourself to small ways of thinking. Step outside, and make yourself huge.

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