When’s the last time you gave a friend or acquaintance genuine, unsolicited encouragement?

Yesterday, a coworker of mine expressed frustration at a recent experience at work. I responded by sharing my view that there was no need to be discouraged, as I felt that at the end of the day, he had enough skills to work wherever he wanted.

He paused. After a brief moment, he looked at me and humbly said, “I’ve never considered that.”

This coworker is an excellent programmer, but I found it interesting that this was news to him.

Many people go throughout their entire careers without developing the confidence they need to succeed. In many workplaces, there are those that lack what they crave the most — reassurance and encouragement from their peers.

While I don’t believe that I’m the first person who’s encouraged this coworker, it’s likely that he’s never been encouraged by the people who see his ability on a daily basis. In my view, that’s perhaps why my encouragement struck him at that moment.

And that’s where you come in. Wherever you work, there are those you interact with regularly who crave your encouragement. Don’t withhold praise. Thank others for their work, and remind them that what they do matters.

There’s power in being generous with your encouragement.

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