Having trouble working up the willpower to improve your finances? Maybe these perks will convince you.

You can loan yourself money, interest free

As you learn to save money like a champ, you’ll find yourself building a healthy emergency fund. And while emergency funds aren’t the most exciting topic for some people, let’s consider this:

An emergency fund is a pile of cash that allows you to loan yourself money.

That’s a benefit that over 60% of Americans don’t have.

Need new tires? Loan yourself a few hundred dollars.

Need to pay a hefty medical bill? Ouch. Take out a loan from the Bank of You.

Do yourself a favor, and build up that emergency freedom fund.

You can make magic happen with credit cards

In just a few months, my wife and I will have the ability to take 5 or more completely free, round trip flights around the US.

How? Credit card reward points.

By utilizing credit cards responsibly and using them along with a solid budget, we’ve been able to rack up a large amount of reward points without any fancy tricks or paying a penny in interest.

To the financial novice, credit cards can be dangerous and misleading. They’re easy avenues to debt and misery. But in capable hands, there’s actually a treasure trove of benefits you can take advantage of by using them.

When in doubt about credit card usage, less is more. Cut them up and throw them out. From there, study up on how to use credit cards effectively. You just might get a few cool perks out of them.

You can live anywhere

As we discovered when we moved across the country, one of the biggest challenges in making a move is finding a suitable place to live.

Not only is there a challenge in finding a great location, but as soon as you pick out your dream home/apartment, it’s time for the dreaded credit check.

Having great credit and a pile of cash sitting in your bank account is one of the most attractive things to most banks and landlords. The more you save and the less debt you carry, the easier it is to set out on an adventure.

These are just a few of the perks you’ll discover if you’re able to get your financial life in order. Just remember, it starts with just a few simple habits.

Happy saving.