Moving far from home provides what only a long journey can bring – perspective.

Problems that at first seemed insurmountable tend to lose their urgency once you witness the scope and diversity beyond your comfort zone.

If you’re moving with a partner, it’ll test your relationship far beyond the usual limits. But once the move is complete, it’ll enhance your bond far beyond the usual limits. 

People are generally the same wherever you go.

Your relationship with your family may be enhanced by the distance. An overbearing presence is often replaced with genuine friendship and longing.

We all crave adventure to some degree, and pursuing adventure only seems to enhance the craving.

The friendships that matter will endure through the distance. Those that don’t matter will fade quietly.

The brain easily forgets repeated experiences. Living in a new town enhances your awareness and perception of the world around you.  

We all possess the ability to adapt in almost any environment.

You make your most significant moves forward in life when there’s no one around to anchor you in the past.