I’ve had the unique pleasure in life to marry well, and my good fortune centers around a distinctive characteristic in my marriage.

From day one, my wife has been my very best friend.

When a cloud of boredom moves its way into a marriage, as it’s routine to do, it’s friendship that ensures there’s pleasure found simply in each other’s company.

We laugh at jokes from years ago as if they were delivered with a new freshness.

We retell the same stories and listen as though it’s our first time hearing them.

Most of all, we embrace our similarities and find pleasure in them. I’m opposed to the idea of “opposites attract” as a measure of relationship quality. I’ve found that my wife and I are similar in many ways, and this has left us with years of shared experiences.

For example, rather than battle over our introverted temperaments, we’ve united on just how enjoyable it is to spend a night at home together.

We’ve also bonded on our love to wander.

When we left home together, there was never a feeling of homesickness. My wife was my home from the very beginning, and it has removed all fears of the trail.

When you marry your best friend, you take on a partner for life who will share your journeys both vast and small, and will be the beacon for reminding you where you began and how far you’ve come.

Find that friend and live life together.