It’s your bad habits that make it difficult.

Strained budgets, impulse spending, heavy reliance on debt, and the inability to see beyond the short term in regards to your finances – each of these habits can add mountains of stress on your life, and each of these are self-inflicted.

Stop making things so difficult on yourself. If you really want that $50,000 car, keep in mind that’s 50 grand that your future self won’t have access to. Every impulse purchase is just another wad of cash you might wish you had later down the road.

If you have a steady job, money is pumping into your life. It’s you that sends it away.

And sure, things happen in life that can yank money out of our hands, but when you’ve learned to hang on to most of your money, these events become little more than an inconvenience.

So when it comes to money, keep things simple.