Do your best work this week. Here’s how.

Optimize your time. Two hours of focused work can accomplish more than most people accomplish in eight.

Make a habit of hitting deadlines. It’s a great way to garner praise within your work environment. Additionally, if a task you’re working is behind schedule due to the actions of another coworker, be the one to get it back on track (and don’t cast blame on anyone).

Show up where you’re needed (on time). We all have people we rely on in any workplace. Unless you’re taking time off, make an effort to show up to meetings on time and provide a reliable work schedule that your coworkers can be familiar with.

Take responsibility. In any task, it’s important to take responsibility in both the successes and failures that may come about. Own your work.

Set a standard for quality. No matter how big or small the task, focus on providing a quality result. It’s a great way to gain a reputation for reliability and value within your workplace.