She says words that
through any other mouth
sound like bad words
but through her mouth
they sound like words
that make me laugh.

Sometimes I wonder
what she’s thinking
when she looks out the window
when we’re driving
through the mountains
beside the ocean
on a clear afternoon,
so I ask her
and she says,
Diet Coke.

On Saturday mornings
if I’m sleeping in,
she tip-toes into the room
to grab some socks
but I’m already awake
and I act asleep so she won’t feel bad
because she tip-toes really loud,
but she tries to be quiet
because she loves me.

Yesterday we dreamed about
the perfect day
and hers started with tea
and ended with me.

When we travel
she likes to make lists
of things to do,
but I get grumpy when
there’s too much to do
so she stopped keeping lists
but tells me how great it would be
to do this thing
and that;
she heard about it on a list.

Sometimes I have bad days
so she puts her arm
around my shoulder
and kisses my cheek,
and whispers three magic words
that make it okay,
“Tacos and Baklava?”

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely wife.