Hello and welcome.

I’m Brian Phillips, a software engineer, writer, and investor.

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I’ve lived in some fun places.

At twenty-five, my wife and I moved out of small-town Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. Later, a new job took us to San Luis Obispo, California, one of America’s happiest cities.

Then, after five years on the West Coast, we drove 3,500 miles in the other direction and now spend our days in New York City.

Life is good.

I have a blog you might enjoy.

Recently, I’ve written things like a list of 33 realizations in 33 years, a tale of multi-level marketing indoctrination, and some cheeky thoughts on the joy of writing.

I also send out a semi-infrequent newsletter with my latest posts, as well as the occasional list of cool books, video games, and more. It’s a fun time for geeks like me.

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