Know that everyone has lived a story that you've never heard.

Understand that everyone has a different set of beliefs, and they feel that they have excellent reasons for having those beliefs.

Know that everyone has at least one thing that they'd give up everything for. 

Put your phone away when someone is trying to have a face to face conversation with you.

Understand that people crave shared experiences. Keep a lookout for those experiences.

Respect people's dreams, loves, and hobbies. Never, ever belittle these things. 

Know that people love to hear, "me too!"

Know that the things you hate the most might be someone else's most beloved things.

Know that, at first, most people value themselves more than they value you. This instinct is natural.

Take every opportunity to use the word they treasure the most - their name.

Let bad jokes slide. A chuckle won't kill you.

Forgive quickly and often.

Compliment people when they've earned it.

Admit mistakes, and don't be afraid to reveal your vulnerabilities.

Look people in the eye when conversing—also, smile.

If they share something personal, handle the information with the utmost care.

When conflict arises, assume you're at fault before passing judgment.

Never bring up their past failures, but don't hide your own.

Avoid talking about yourself too much. Tell your story when someone wants to hear it.

Understand that people want to feel important and be valued.

Understand that people want someone to be proud of them.

Understand that not many people had happy childhoods.

Find joy in learning more about people.

Assume that everyone has masterful BS detection.

Understand that nobody enjoys being wrong. Be civil when arguments arise.

Put other people's needs before yours.

Above all else, love people without exception.

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