I'm willing to bet that this morning, you woke up, looked in the mirror, and thought, things could be better.

Things could be better, sure. You could be fitter. You could have more money and your boss could tell you more often that you're important. Your student loan debt could miraculously go up in smoke. Your love interest could text you back sooner with warmer tones and sweeter emojis.

That would all be nice, yes?

But perhaps things really are better. Right now. Here, at your desk or on your couch. I don't know your life, but all I'm saying is: think about it.

Maybe there are too many of us, cramping and crowding the subways and airplanes and parking garages, but you somehow still manage to be lucky enough to own a key to a door to a quiet little room with a bed that you get to sleep in. Such a delight can't be overstated.

And of all the bodies that get molded, over time, from a pea-sized speck of mush into something that can walk and speak and snap selfies and, miraculously, ponder questions like which Thai restaurant is my favorite?, there's you: the most interesting version of the mushy pea with the most interesting thoughts (and selfies that at least twelve other developed peas will, superficially or not, double tap).

It's not all bad.

And then there's where you are today. It could be better.

Sure, it can always be better. But this is your life, right now, and I know there's some twisted and intriguing tale that brought you to this point.

I wound up where I am today because some jerk in Mississippi got too drunk at a party and cheated on his girlfriend. That girlfriend found new friends (me) and introduced me to the girl I'd go on to marry. Later, my wife spotted a job posting and said, "Hey, you can do this." That job led to another job which led us to California.

It's a long story, but look: you got where you are today because life takes some wild turns that not even your favorite author could dream up. And those wild turns made you learn valuable lessons and experience things you probably hated experiencing.

But that was all back then. Going forward, things could be better.

And listen.

Whether your love interest is interested or not and whether your boss tells you or not, you're important. Even if your debts are fat and your wallet is thin, even if your bed in your little room only has room for one these days, you're important.

Have a nice day.

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