I mean no offense. This idea often results in dirty looks.

But consider this. In your career, the processes you follow, the rules you adhere to, the forms you fill out, the meetings you attend, your internal team culture, the products you build, and the messaging you use to market those products—all of this is entirely made up.

What seems so ingrained in your job is simply an invention of someone who came before you. Deadlines, goals, even your salary—made up. Invented. People may tell you otherwise—"We've always done it this way." That's the signal.

I'm not advocating anarchy—rules and processes in your workplace can be beneficial. Instead, use this way of thinking to try something new in your role. You can be the one to invent new processes, rules, or products that others will carry forward. This idea is how companies are built, innovations come alive, and progress is made. We just so easily forget it.

Don't get dragged into blind rule-following. Think! Be bold; be an inventor; dream up something new today.

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