What I’m doing now

Last updated April 18, 2023

Getting strong 💪

Somehow, I've tapped into a trove of discipline, which I'm spending on my overall fitness.

(I've decided I want abs, even for a short time.)

Since January, I've been lifting weights and sticking to a slight calorie deficit. And four months in, I'm feeling great and seeing some excellent results.

Promoted 👨‍💻

I accepted a promotion to Engineering Manager in April, which brings me back to the management space. I couldn't be more excited to be leading a team again.

Farmland 🌽

This year, we set a goal to break into farmland investing. And in early April, we made our first equity investment into a potato farm in eastern Oregon.

It's a small slice of land equity, but it gives our portfolio some added diversification.

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